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Generation 1 Eeveelutions by Ayem Generation 1 Eeveelutions by Ayem
Felt like drawing some Pokemon. So I did. I may draw the other Eeveelutions depending if people like this or not.

Eevee, Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon belong to Pokemon/Gamefreak, etc.
This is fantastic! One of my favourite things about your art is the fact that you shade with different colours, not just black and white. It makes things look so much more vibrant and the painterly texture you've achieved here is ace.

I love the different faces on them all and the range of expressions- it's nice to see such diversity in a group picture like this. I also really like all the little textures- the little shines/scales on ze water one are a lovely touch, and the electricity and bits of flame are great too.

I have a hard time actually critiquing this; it's so nicely put together and the forms themselves have so much style and character. After looking at it a while the only thing that really bugged me is the water ones tail fin should be behind Eevee more. There's a spot of white presumably from where the fin splits, and it feels a little disruptive. That's probably me just being anal retentive though. :p

I'm also not tooo fond of the paws/legs- I feel this is more a style discretion though. They feel suitably toony for the faces/bodies but I would like to see more of a joint structure in them.

Also apologies for not remembering their names...this silly critique box is too big and covers the artists comments. :c

What do you think?
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Out of all the eevee evolutions I've seen so far on deviantart, this has to be the best one! D8 *flail* Actually I suppose, one of the best ones, in my opinion at least.

But way you color and paint is truly inspiring. You don't use plain colors that shadow into only darkness, but utilize even deeper colors of various tone and shade for the shadowing. Which is the PRO PRO OMG of it all~ :blowkiss:

One small crit that mightonlybemyopinionlol~ some features such as the elongated variations of the legs and feet seem to cross with their loveliness? :< The two styles mix together a little awkwardly..

But overall, I love it LIKE HECK. :heart: Again, very inspiring in the coloring and contrast.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
36 out of 37 deviants thought this was fair.

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September 15, 2009
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